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tv   CCTV News  PBS  March 15, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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the network. new and new guru . the eye. brule. the cctv news in beijing. i'm going to load thank you for joining us we begin this hour with the latest on missing malaysian airlines flight in age between seventy in a news conference just now malaysia's prime minister
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said that satellite data places the aircraft and one of two corridors and he said despite media reports the plane has been hijacked authorities are still investigating all possibilities. we still use today aviation authorities the cia. in the international counterparts. i mean the latest last communication when the second line. must be one hole to pull the needle. rather than going on. stretching approximately for the kazakhstan. you started. old and tired digital book is set to focus their investigation. her crew passengers on board. start
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your own reports. it was hijacked. i wish to be very clear. we are still investigating all possibilities. we'll cross that means the freedom to roam from its regional. my pal. more now on the news conference we don't lie about correspondent james shall the zinc all of them for the malaysian capital. i james said can you give this band sum up some of the points that the prime minister not to razak had just talked about. they say much since um savoy suisse said in an easy said they keep up this week i did not thank you so with hijacking to apply to see the investigations as it is that it's. i don't seem to more legal definitions on their seats when according to the hague convention nineteen seventy at the other goal for
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sea shepherd at costa's that if that plane took off for that and it's in the country other than that was registered to do said back to constitute as such all say about the nature of the hijackings what that costs tend to be when the passengers and air based as hostages to be the ransom money for a new school pools for the release of all safely sabha members of the same political movement note dumont of the net this being that indication. all kingdom on supporting the troops so far that has done that's it that's also i think that that's like sliver of a window open but the prime minister to ikea for sick days to show that used a fake careful in not mistaken to one conclusion. but i think that if he doesn't leave open the possibilities in a more definitive he doesn't really so the step up to that i keep all the other media will do that. this book again doubt that north and cordial i'm a sad day for important trade route because all the way from thailand to countries like the dolls but to me ummah any case up to
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the region which can be very interesting religious school kid that there was a true some people and this is where i can say agency the central asian regions that beyond a porter told me about countries like ike kazakhstan tajikistan took me this time of these areas of course our break ties up five c to two others including china to think this'll be the two standout points from that sent statement did not take any questions and we wonder what's more will he choose to add comes like that either he deals they say as we head that i can that's allnger manifest. these can be received by white light next week the defense that is just off the fray late last night at about ten thirty pm i asked him did you go to a free single person on this list. had you fooled out every possibility i may say this was a chinese passengers the consent of security bureau the center of a hundred and fifty three profiles like that. not a single called them nor would the two men who were found to
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be a radiant economic migrants and educated as to say this and that opened this new forms of them as well so i think decided to give back some of the test of a conditional to go back to the crew. will be great to see this you read that none of these that second phase investigation he told about that. no news in this news conference with the prime minister's this fall from causing the book on this very strange disappearance of this plane. all what are some of the other steps that are expected to use it to happen at this point. i think all the seaweed talking about it the new ball game and he and a sense that says fought the investigation team concentrated off the pace was on call all china a very late c pulse india and will say it all up false. vietnam of course aware that he was seen to be ensuring that the last name point of contact. now we're talking about the southern corridor was we took it back into the shack and into the act in
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the nation into debt and then again mr back to the northern part the eating with a number of countries that very difficult terrain to navigate aforesaid to use the tt because of the high altitudes at the end of a mountain etc and the chilled the region i'd also go talking about an old new republic's and and countries that still a maiden aunts had the traditional twenty of its national partnerships a state that the politically reach out to denny's kate have to go back to victorian ports could have consulted legal teams and say how the game too. i've tried to persuade those countries killed in the two i'd join them in this as people say to you and all that in today's areas. james shell reporting tuesday a phone call along with thank you. and the warm a situation of the families of the passengers with an eagle known to the little hotel here in beijing. annan to talk to our reports to you tease tease the will sue you kidding ah how all the families of these passages how they reacting to
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the malaysian prime minister's i knew scott. yes the sense the frustration and confusion among the family members all things will just be my strolls cost of the nation prime minister speaking to the relatives as well as to the media. among the sand and prime minister mentioned that he has not ruled out the possibility that the missing plane had been hijacked and ski set thus the investigation on that teaching is still underway. so there's still no off of the d's house on that teach you and everyone is keeping a close eye on that and the of the prime minister also mention that the us and its history statements he has lost a contact list the ground controller around accent eight to eleven am. so previously. even the nation in mindset that's the slaying has lost control around ten at one thirty and the mitre and control that has detected
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an unidentified flying objects acts to faulty at the mamak the streets when the plane went missing. so there are lots of on there and fight and complicated and also contacting issues. on that situation and there's lots of information that dot the relatives family members cannot tell from the south of seoul at the spirits critical time the family members i can sense that it's one points if you are its atms at because they think the ad police in gotham and happened to provide the information in a timely manner and on the other points of light i see that some of the family members they are steel. i'm hoping that's the relative steel remained on life because it is the of claim had been hijacked their steel up the remainder of the i dislike is to clean up hope so we will keep you updated on that makes a situation that our team. eugene who was there a feeling among the any
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of the family members that in fact this plane was hijacked as opposed to the malaysian prime minister. basically downplaying that that idea wood. how would the reaction to them to the idea that this may in fact the hijack. yes the family members as i mentioned before this there is furious and they are depressed at this very critical moment span of time and distance in the lead of thirty of tricks that critical and difficult one for them. because you know that's not there are some more information to be released by the malaysian government's nomination and won spots that press conference they say that's because the nature of the changing and complicate it up situation. the batista the trend spotting information from them on the sand at the finance and sold those kind of information will be officially released by the police and governments late to sell at this point of
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the muddy sand islands just to try to set in the interest of trying their best to reply to the family members twist truffle facilities accommodation meals news and other emotional support and some of the cake he doesn't support its hockey and to support the family members and relatives here so we had to stop. i'm hoping this situation well and just to go back to the beach. according to its from the new bill bill here in beijing. thank you noble focused all the given actual search effort is now shifting to the west and into the indian ocean. here's cctv storytelling reporting from penang island in the state of my walk. the search is moving from the east to the west concentrating hair in the straight to malacca and beyond. the indian ocean. we heard yesterday the vietnamese saying they were scaling back the assets and capabilities. because of the lack of results over the last seven days. we understand also that one of
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the chinese said two vessels the high ish and thirty one is leaving the south china sea which already searched more than sixty thousand square kilometers and found nothing. incoming hits of the strait of malacca to join the international search and rescue efforts. the malays health art is still maintaining that then minute re re dot com can some sightseeing. early on saturday morning. of the flights heading to the west and increasingly that information. cost of the information that seems to be sent by the plane is a journey to the west seems to confirm that that they continue to fight off it lost contact with commercial grade up. it is in some ways very good news in that they're starting to narrow down the search area swimming think that claim may be that seven days off to it. but still no closer to discovering. when mh three since aaron has disappeared tony ching cctv. penang malaysia the land. i eye
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the show he means business from all across the americas stories of people. her hopes and aspirations. part of the investigation. cultural and social inside. michelle
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taking a nap. michael vaughan's cctv about the weekly news magazine called the giver. note that stuff the eye. constitutional court has declared on constitutional referendum in your columns republic of crimea l own joining russia becomes one day ahead of the scheduled referendum by the element of crimea the decision means conyers problem is the creed to a formal vote carries no power thus according to the ukrainian cool. the court has ordered crimea to hold all preparation for the referendum vote and to destroy voting papers and promotion with two wheels across the crimean peninsula and ukrainian wall the constitutional court's decision cannot be appealed and most intimate. ukraine's
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autonomous republic of crimea is busy preparing for sunday's referendum on joining russia. it comes despite opposition and widespread condemnation from kiev and from the west who described the vote as the legitimate and legal ukrainian government says that they will not recognize the result no matter what the outcome. what is cctv said the freed in the region's capital simple poll found out that is doing little to stop the crime in parliament from carrying out its plans. sharing of crimea is destroying its southern ukraine still operating airport shutdown on tuesday officials say. commercial flights will not operate until after sunday's referendum for joining russia despite the international political stir this referendum is creating local parliament continues speaking in heels saying that effect two million strong population votes to align with russia crimea will declare its independence from ukraine. a
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chilling effect in eighteen eighty one we had a referendum saying want to live in one state. the soviet state. even back then. cf pressure kearney is authorities. the results of that referendum were never brought to fruition. on the street to stand up on preparations for sunday's folk are underway anticipating the sweeping decision to join forces with russia political delegates from russia set up shop alongside the local parliament building registering premiums for russian political party the hair aren't bothered by international condemnation of this referendum. they're also not bothered by the fact that in kiev officials there are saying that the referendum is in the gulf. on the sixteenth was the one i spoke with sand the ending as not to rush out and that's because they believe that outlined with rice. while improve their lives. why did he think so because these posters and
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similar tv ad campaigns more with them since joining forces with russia will slash gas prices in an elevated tee patient standards and double pension funds. teachers and doctors stand to earn four times their current salaries under russia's wing. here in lehi. i'm the most is costly some eu to altitude will be better. maybe you'd be too skeptical but people keep that to win matches international analysts like in kearney a toll on in russia symbolic asking the new crate and gambling chips to stand in the future if that's the case crimean so willing brooks to his game vigilant guard their king stephanie st cctv too caught up on crimea. as we mention the final preparations are underway for that vote in crimea. and now we're gonna
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live to our correspondent stephanie fried cheese in the metro . stephanie is not long now until people start to vote. how will those compilations going and what about security. thus the id always you know scott less than twenty four hours away the referendum stations are set to open. we have seen a lot of what you would expect in terms of preparation is like moving out of boxes and in changing lanes and breathe in chile and the people i know we weren't sure exactly where to go. place the referendum vote for either yes or no will outline with russia but we expect will see when did that today the husband and i mean this is only an ounce the weekend with these referendums. it's been a little time in quite a day or two million residents here. security is on the ground and tremendous number of troops out rushing back troops and also the least and all sorts of
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independent security operating here said that's the most of what we're seeing basically in terms of getting ready for the referendum it set to open again in less than twenty four hours. what about the mood of the people and they are in crimea on what one of these say one of the deal. she irritated when o'neill v yet be the breaks down here the ethnic breakdown the sixty percent of the russian population here so people here are very much favoring voting yes they wanna go back to being on her eye or weeks allied with what was the former soviet union and now russia. so that's what they're saying they wanna give a yes vote to rush and there they want to be with russia they won a break from ukraine for the most part however there are so scared because the water here the electricity here and wants of the money here comes from ukraine or the ukraine
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bit worried that punitive measures in the breakaway will be implementing those things will be cut off electricity water and money however that's doubtful late in the interim government there would say it's the combination of the west woods right now cycling up to you. however that's the big fear the urgency of this writing the hearing or seeing it. act itself out as people pull out money as much as they can blow into atm machines here in crimea. sydney for even simple cold in crimea. thank you. now all that is just one day to go into all the people in crimea go to the polls this controversial vote on whether to stay part of ukraine or become a part of russia. the western ukrainian say the vote is the legal while in russia president vladimir putin has defended the region's right to hold a referendum in moscow opinion is mixed alarm among questions on how we feel about the prospect of crimea becoming part of the federation. a
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correspondent dan why it has been gauging opinion in the russian capital. so dave runs the spook storm on the pc off the streets just a stone's throw from the kremlin. his dp news of russians and ukrainians living in moscow in every day to him the presents underneath your team is doing the right thing by taking action. yes russia to the right thing because otherwise it would've been like in yugoslavia serbia and bosnia. it would be the same the saints and audit is being used. if people saying there are contradictions and stay. time will tell. history will tow. this isn't about ukraine allowing not allowing this is about russia and the united states crimea is just the coolest people go about my dating days the cmos good knowing that that country is in the world that it's a cool spot lights. a recent survey showed forty five percent of russians in the film west provide quick routine calls that here in ukraine. or so to save many russians would be happy if
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crime is audience to join a country. this will be as volatile. remain or so ago om. the filling. all they can re uploads and awareness week. being the second part of opinion with whom would say that the majority but a considerable part. for those who can see them then do with what's cool name for the disintegration of this week. but that view is shared by everyone opinion almost reasonable skill is divided despite the simplicity of the question being put to crime eons old people here feel towards the region and ukraine is more complicated so happened that tiny as part of the ukraine. she stayed the air. we have solid team we have abkhazia and we see in the anime keith null by the alice anyone anything i can cry me a she because
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of the ukraine. this is the man. what crime you should be part of russia. he used to be part of russia and the tissue to be part of russia. because soon the show will be the peak east and the pester power. each has warned steam and heat will team up with america can't course any problems. on the evil eye the material is intended to monitor been apart of. it seems few weeks she's falling russia that not everyone shares it. he's now down to cry means to the sides of the region's future. des moines is cctv moscow the eye. national bureau of statistics has released a major indicators for the national economy based on the first two months
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of twenty fourteen cctv to use met with the director of the national bureau of statistics you know you want to ask what the data means the town's economy and how a child who will deal with concern for local government debts. this has been heavily indebted. do you think you can create some kind of crisis. tulips to go and see what's that about. we all care about it she should speak to foreign friends and peers bills will say they care about china's local government stats teacher. i think the central government cares about this even more and willful attach great importance to the problem we'll know that last year the central government did an in depth survey with relevant departments of the problem and the end of last year bills sold the report said the government decisively published data on local debts judging from the statistics and fixing the platform for local dance including the debt risks are still under control by the end of june twenty thirty in
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the total debts will be thirty point two seven trimming yuan accounting for fifty three percent of gdp it will be international warning line is sixty percent as long as it's within sixty percent of gdp. it said i don't know who you are and how i feel. talent. i have been a source that when we can all only turned to transfer payments are doubts have accumulated year on year the money we borrowed was used for infrastructure development in some critical industrial improvements to the deaths contributed to the good assets and income close to the solvency is strong and he did take some control measures and the central government strengthen monitoring in this regard a thing that debt crisis that's being talked up so much it will be made to get to go. as john now was forced in jonah's meal bar dues he ages wrapped up coverage of the just
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completed sochi olympics to the scene he got two more olympic news forced to house the living and covered up by china's bid to host another olympiad is now officially on bali at a time for the role of footballing into a wild week in the english premiership is upon us and much more including the diving world setting up shop here in beijing as the world series begins thirty minutes the best in sports sports effects. right now. new delhi government in the running beijing and john to go make their bid to host the twenty twenty two when her last day of fishing all's well that ends well china's li na see her run in indian wells on the wall called the semifinal round in garden for what's wrong with the del totally used less broad that leads to the club for many strikers
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the end. i wanted. panasonic steamy vacuum insulation panels for forty helps a snowman covered eight thousand km from japan to train to visit a boy who'd never seen snow without using any compression refrigeration the project the ride from the sparks a program from panasonic local community website. eco ideas that it focuses on starting find innovative experiments within hours daily. by using panasonic eco friendly technology. the sparks team received a message from a younger baby girl named on understanding the snow never falls in the day so i would like to show my little brother his very first snow the sparks team fulfilled her wish and delivered
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the snow meant about it. i like it. get your act for mr shifts for religious traditions same as the four quarters of jerusalem's old city. together they are t stiff peaks started in two thousand and nine. co founder circus you who he describes their launch of coexistence cooking competition. this is from the sky and connections from the outside seems to know which wasn't few verses that it was one of each here charlie why do you do this evening together from there it is cooking risotto balls mixing flavors ingredients and chemistry. but it does seem that means i got the digital mall. today's european union the house of the body simple idea proposed
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by the french foreign minister robert schumann more than sixty years ago integrate in french and german heavy industry to make an awful war between those two countries. impulse. boss forward to today and the vision set out in the schumann decoration has become the eu single market the foundation of the european economy the creation of the single market was good news not end in itself but because of what it represents a commitment to the kind of balanced inclusive economy at the heart of the political families effects. spencer won all eight million people is also won the welsh office what about perhaps more than any of that is charged with breaking this once great city it was former structure it is now attached. but off it
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next week. and all seeking is a war of eighteen hundred meters above sea level copper is one of the world's most of the pics come from cities. but while the mountains make exquisite piece. the altitude in repeats of a vacant block of vegetation to march addressing the needs of greenery and the ashes and tackle today's edition of the tree to prevent future also there is a repeat it but effectively the party treats. much of kabul river it's dusty and it is i can take months or even years before the meds vision becomes a reality that you don't call will be. the new cd came to be. i spent a total steal. and i want to see that koppel the city of knowledge. turning seeds and flowers and fruits. schools around the country are heading gardens to their backyards. giving students the opportunity to learn first hand where our food comes from the paintings in the world. also on the way and makes the networks the door. when we win we will
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and. the us. it's a saturday night you're welcome to this hour's islam and james tim gunn in tokyo. malaysian crime mr najib razak says international efforts to locate the missing malaysia airlines flight and reached three seventy has entered a new phase. he revealed the news conference on saturday that the investigators now think the aircraft's communications systems were deliberately switched off. bays


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